FELIN encourages women in the music industry to undertake through a mentoring program: M E W E M (Mentoring Program for Women Entrepreneurs in Music Industry)


The problem of professional inequality between women and men in the cultural and creative industries is an old one, and it persists, in fact, women represent barely 10% of business creators. Mentoring is therefore a particularly effective tool for professional and personal development in a traditionally male environment.


Mentoring is a reciprocal, motivating and caring relationship, in which an experienced entrepreneur shares her experience with a new entrepreneur.
The role of the mentor is to listen to the mentee and question her in her functions, to help her to progress in her position as a business leader. It is not a question of a transfer of "know-how" but rather of "know-how-to-be" and "know how to become".
By creating a favourable framework, conducive to exchange, mentoring makes it possible to respond to the problems of women entrepreneurs: professional, through networking and positioning, and individual, through identification with successful female role models.

The mentoring relationship is very rich because it offers the creator a confidential and stimulating space to be listened to and encouraged in her role as an entrepreneur.

MEWEM2020 will welcome 13 mentees this year


Submission of applications + constitution of pairs


Program sequence with :

- Monthly group meetings, organized by the steering committee around various themes related to entrepreneurship in music, followed by convivial networking moments.

- individual meetings, managed autonomously by the pairs

Closing evening of the programme, feedback.


You are a woman and you have an entrepreneurial project in music?

If you want to apply for the next promotion, you must be an entrepreneur in the music industry or have a well-defined business development project. There are no age criteria, the important thing is to have a project in development and a vision / objectives!
You will be part of a network of women entrepreneurs, linked to the rest of the sector, whose goal is to develop professionally and benefit from the community of mentors and mentees. Participation is free and voluntary for both parties.

The formation of pairs is non-mixed. Indeed, the support provided by a female mentor allows the mentee to benefit from a female success story; moreover, it appears that a mentee is often more comfortable with another woman to discuss all the issues that link professional and private life.

MEWEM offers a simple but rigorous framework that allows the pairs to evolve in complete peace of mind: a tailor-made charter and coordination are organised by FELIN.

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This White Paper is intended for institutions and organisations involved in the fight against the under-representation of women in music and is intended to open up a dialogue. MEWEM, the first mentoring programme for women in music, can and must spread. The whole team is ready to mobilise to accompany new partners in the transposition of the programme.

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MEWEM was made possible thanks to the support of

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