Edition 2021


This year, 13 mentors were selected: 8 were already mentors last year and wished to renew their presence; the 5 others joined the promotion following a research work.

Their remarkable career paths, the positions they currently occupy and the complementary profiles will contribute to maintaining an undisputed quality and level for this third edition.

Aurélie Thuot - Adone Production
Clarisse Arnou - Yotanka
Clothilde Chalot - NoMadPlay / NoMadMusic
Geneviève Girard - Azimuth Prod
Juliette Metz - Thanks again! / CSDEM
Katel - Fraca!!!!
Lily Fisher - Zenith Paris
Marie-Anne Robert - Believe
Marie Sabot - We Love Green
Natacha Ordas - Soonvibes
Pauline Duarte - Epic Records
Rachel Cartier - Deezer
Virginie Borgeaud - Double V


Anaëlle Desbois
Alpine Records
with Aurélie Thuot

Camille Hervé
with Marie Sabot

Céline Bakond
La Neuvième Muse
with Juliette Metz

Jihane Laoui
with Clothilde Chalot

Judyth Babin
Manag'Art / Grain de Riz
with Virginie Borgeaud

Katarina Timotijevic
Studio Matière Première
with Marie-Anne Robert

Louise Bouchoucha
386 Lab / Artichaud Prod
with Pauline Duarte

Louise Cartier
Rooting For Artists
with Natacha Ordas

Maëva Girard
Nouvelle Vague Publishing
with Rachel Cartier

Naomi Baudy
Sparklers Tribe
with Geneviève Girard

Sophie Rabreau
Sauce Blanche
with Lily Fisher

Victoria Rousselot
Vicky R
with Katel

Yveline Ruaud
75ème Session
with Clarisse Arnou



For the 2021 edition, we have the honour of having Helen Smith as godmother. For the past 13 years, she has been the Executive Chair for IMPALA, a Brussels-based association that defends the major issues of the current music sector at the European level.

Originally from Scotland, Helen leads the structure's key strategies at political, commercial and promotional levels. She helps thousands of European companies and artists to build on the collective strength and defend the interests of independent players.


MEWEM is the first mentoring programme for women in music. Launched in 2018 by FELIN (Fédération Nationale des Labels et Distributeurs Indépendants), it is dedicated to women entrepreneurs with a project in creation and development.

In 2020, the project takes a new step forward and is deployed at European level under the name MEWEM EUROPA! The programme is associated with 5 countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Romania. The project will thus be able to develop and promote mentoring on a European scale.

European partners :

Germany : VUT - Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen e. V.
Austria : Music Austria – MICA
Belgium : Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques – WBI
Spain : Asociación MIM - Mujeres de la Industria de la Mùsica
France : Le LABA (partenaire de la FELIN sur le territoire français)
Romania : Raw Music


Here are the main deadlines for this new edition:

15 Oct > 1 Dec : opening of applications
mid-Dec : pre-selection
January : formation of pairs and announcement of mentees
February : launch of MEWEM 2021
Feb > Jul : MEWEM 2021
July : closing party and review